About Carl
So what’s it like to share a night with Carl (no funny business please!)?

Ok, so the deal is you pay me and I will give you every last sinew of energy I can muster.  Entertainment is the mission. I’ll be blazing though tunes like Wiley Coyote – to keep energy levels high. You won’t hear too much banter, but I like to think I’m a tad more charismatic than Gary Barlow! I’ll vary the set to keep everyone captivated and switch between ballads, rock-out, crooning and pop classics. I want to keep my audience guessing what will come next, like a Juke box gone crazy! By the end of the night I want you all singing along, having had a cracking night enhanced by some great music.

What happens on a gig or event?

I’ll try to arrive about 90 minutes before the performance starts. All I need is a small area to set up my PA and mixing desk. I run my set from an Ipad and Apple Mac so don’t need too much space. All I ask is a few minutes to test the sound out and a power socket nearby. A bit of space to wiggle my hips is always a good thing, but I’m pretty low maintenance overall! A night will consist of up to four sets of around 30-40 minutes each, depending on what you would like to hear.

How do you choose the songs you are going to sing?

I guess I consider myself a bit of a music critic, so I kind of give every song I sing a quality check. I’ll only sing songs I think are true classics with worthy vocal performances. I only like singing stuff that’s well written and has a real meaning I can hook into. Singing is about conveying genuine emotion – so don’t expect ‘Barbie Girl’ or ‘Locomotion’. Sorry!

 Don’t forget you can tell me what songs you’d like to hear on the night from my song list.

Where are you from Carl?

 You might have guessed by the surname, I’m born a Welshman and was brought up in a village called Penmaenmawr on the North Wales coast.In theory my nationality means It’s my destiny to sing. Sadly, I’m actually an IT consultant through much of the week!  But at night I come alive again!

How long have you been singing for?

I’ve been a passionate musician since my early teens (I can’t give away how long ago that was!). I’ve played live with numerous bands and ran a recording studio in Sheffield for some time. I’ve worked with all sorts different musicians and bands, for which I recorded and produced dozens of songs.  To answer the question I’ve been singing in various forms for about 20 years. Yes I started when I was 5 ;-)

What is your vocal style? Who do you sound like?

I really can’t say I have a favourite vocal style or who I’m like – I’m keen to try anything out – occasionally songs that were performed by Women too.  I’m just me. If you want to get an idea, I’ve been told I sound anything like Neil Finn from Crowded house through to Robbie Williams, Midge Ure from Ultravox, Rick Hucknall from Simply Red and even John Power from Cast.

Who is your all-time favourite singer?

That’s got to be Freddy Mercury in his prime (Don’t stop me now etc). He was just an unearthly mix of power, soul and brilliant expression with a supreme vocal range and so many different personas. Man, why do all these folk seem to disappear so early in their lives???

How do you prepare for a gig?

For the past 2 years, I’ve given every moment I can to fine-tune my vocal performance and making sure I get every song technically precise. Its also crucial I get the the ‘essence’ of the song so I can convey the feeling exactly as the original artist did. That usually means at least 5 hours per week of practice. I’m always challenging myself to master some of the most difficult songs out there at the moment so watch this space.

Do you write your own tunes?

Yes I do – I write my own songs and perform all the music bits. I’m in the middle of finishing a double album of 24 original tracks, which I’ve been working on for a couple of years. I’m hoping to finally get a release out before Summer 2014. I’ll let you know when its cooked!

Anything else?

Last thing. It’s all about making YOUR night special and memorable – so I’m game on to give any new song a try if it helps to get the mood in place. So just give me a shout a few weeks before the gig with the special song you’d like and I’ll do my best to master it. So long as it not thrash, rap or the locomotion!

 Can I go and do some singing now please…???